Introducing Vietnam: Vietnam Travel Guide for First-Time Traveler

You may be a lover of nature or an enthusiast in architecture, there is always a reason for you to come to Vietnam. There is always a reason to love this country. Yes, of course you should visit Vietnam. You should read this article and know few important things, better to say the Vietnam travel guide that would be your great help you know about Vietnam. It can prove a hand tip before you travel to Vietnam. Let’s explore!

Best Time to Visit in Vietnam: The best time to visit in Vietnam’s northern region is between March and May and from September to November. In this time, you will be spared the full brunt of summer heat and the cloud winter downpours. March and May is the spring season in Vietnam and the countryside around Hanoi is in full bloom.

Rules & Regulations to Visit in Vietnam: If you are planning to visit Vietnam with family or friends, then you must go through the custom regulations. You should bear in mind the following things. • Carrying more than the specified duty free allowances • Getting bag and baggage not accompanying them as they travel • You should not take any addictive medication • You should not be allowed to carry in excess of 300 GRS of gold • You shouldn’t be allowed to carry more than $7000 or equivalent

There are also other rules and regulations applicable for Vietnam travel, there you need to go through the Vietnam travel guide with your travel outfitter. They will help you out and inform you what to carry and what not.

Language in Vietnam: You may be interested to know about the language in Vietnam. Aren’t you? Vietnamese is the local language of Vietnam but you can expect a good tour guide, who speaks English, Chinese, French, Japanese and Russian. Better if you can talk to Vivu Travel one of the most trusted travel agency offers lucrative travel packages to Vietnam.

Currency in Vietnam: The Dong (VND) is the national currency of Vietnam. It comes in note denominations from 500 to 500,000. Though, you can get traveler’s cheques as well. This type of cheque is available with a value of 500,000 and 1,000,000. There are also currency exchanges with the rate sometimes better than you change the notes of high denomination. Yes, you can use credit card but that is commonly used in tourist areas. But there is likely to be a surcharge.

Visa Requirements: You should check visa requirements before setting foot. It would be better if you talk to your travel agency. They will assist you with this requirement. Though some nationalities don’t need visa, if you are from that country then you are waived off. It totally depends on your intention to stay for a period of time, and in that case, the period should be a short term only and should not be extended more than a month. You can get visa on arrival if you go by air and the cost of the visa depends on the number of days you stay there.

The Takeaway: Vietnam is simply beautiful country. It is almost has every kind of natural landscape, delicious food, rich culture and heritage, the beautiful beaches, iconic history and architecture, and friendly people. You will get to see almost all types of natural landscape all within one country, starting from the majestic mountains of the North to the magnificent caves in the Central, and to the peaceful villages in the Mekong Delta. It is a place for everyone.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, then this Vietnam travel guide will surely give you a valuable piece of information before you travel and talk to a travel agency. Get in touch with Vivu Travel one of the most trust travel agency offers attractive travel packages in Vietnam to travel with family, friends or if you like to customize it for your requirements.