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Vietnam is one of the most popular Southeast Asian destinations, best known for its stunning sea beaches and culturally-bound heritage sites of Buddhist pagodas. Vietnam packs a plethora of amazing cuisine, showcased among its unique cultural diversity, mind-blowing landscapes of green rice terraces and tropical pristine beaches, as well as rugged mountain terrains.

Travel Guide in Vietnam

Though Vietnam is a small country tucked in between countries like Cambodia, and Laos, and the South China Sea, it is the most visited destination by millions of tourists all year-round. Vivu Travel started in 2006 is the best Travel Guide in Vietnam offering customised travel packages at the most cost-effective prices.

What Are The Factors For Selecting A Travel Guide In Vietnam?

When planning for a vacation to Vietnam, a country best known for its breath-taking natural and cultural diversity, it is vital to opt for a reliable travel guide. Tourists always seek the most trustworthy travel operators wherever they travel, be it an international or domestic destination.


Unparalleled Quality Services

Travel guide in Vietnam, like Vivu Travel, provides matchless customer service for all the clients, providing tailor-made packages comprising of three to five-star hotels. The travel agency charges affordable price rates decided based on the season of travel, like the peak season when prices are automatically higher. However, it is still competitive with any travel agencies across Vietnam. Vivu Travel particularly follows strict guidelines, when they ensure the hotels are properly sanitised when it is booked by the visitors, especially in the aftermath of coronavirus onslaught.

Besides, this travel guide ensures of total safety of the travelers and their luggage. Moreover, they also cater to the currency requirements of the clients; while solving their ethnic obstacles by delegating a multi-lingual tour guide with each traveler group. They even provide necessary suggestions for the best places for having the diverse delicacies of Vietnam, and also vantage shopping spots.

Well-Informed Tourist Guides

Travel guides like Vivu Travel offer visitors’ well-informed trip guides, who are fluent in English, and other regional languages. Besides, all the tour guides are also well aware of the tourist destinations around Vietnam, and also of the surrounding nearby outskirts. Hence, the travelers can get a true taste of the cultural diversity and ethnic perspectives of Vietnam.

Travel Guide in Vietnam


Vivu Travel offers its clients a completely user-friendly and quick process of booking tourist spots around Vietnam. The dedicated customer support aids the customers with their different questions in choosing the preferred tourist destinations. It may range from solitary tour spots, or family outings, or romantic gateways in Vietnam with your partner.

However, in case of a change in travel plans or cancelling the destined tourist place, this travel guide also charges a very nominal fee, which is not refundable as far as the booking system is concerned.

Visa Processing Facility

Amongst, travel guide in Vietnam, Vivu Travel assists the visitors and clients with the facilities of visa processing. Overseas travelers planning and visiting Vietnam need not take the stress of obtaining a visa through a tedious process. Instead, this travel agency helps clients to apply for Vietnam visa at an affordable price when they arrive in the country. Besides, the processing and obtaining time of visa is really fast, offering a soothing experience for international travelers.

Travel Guide in Vietnam

Final Thoughts

Hence, travelers should plan their itinerary well and choose a trustworthy and renowned travel guide in Vietnam, who offers an unforgettable experience with numerous tailored trips amongst the most popular destinations in the country.

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Explore Fascinating Vietnam Choose An Experienced Vietnam Travel Guide!

There are many places to visit in Vietnam, from breathtaking mountains to beautiful beaches, from colourful hill tribes to rustic old towns, bustling cities, and much, much more. To make it happen you need a Vietnam travel guide. Vietnam Travel Guide

Travellers who like cultural aspects, friendly people, and food to taste with; Vietnam is a dream destination for them. Vietnam is a place suitable for you for many different reasons. You can visit this country with family and children, or with friends and opt for Vietnam luxury tour packages as per your time and budget.

Explore The Bespoke Culture, Friendly People & Natural Landscapes When we talk about a country and to travel there with family or friends, we must talk about its culture, food, people and affordability, and for that matter Vietnam is second to none! People, these days choose Vietnam vacation for so many reasons. It is said that who visit Vietnam never feel short of fascinating travel experiences across the beautiful country, but you need a Vietnam Travel Guide before you set off.

Vietnam Travel Guide

Before you set foot to Vietnam, you need to know something that are truly important, and you need to have an experienced travel guide to guide you. Something like, Vietnam flights, and transfers, languages and transportations, time difference, currency, vaccination and health, and lot more things that you must have. You should know that most flights in Vietnam are operated by Vietnam airlines and fly 3-time a week. Connecting flights to major cities are much cheaper.

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. Some of the older population in the country speak French because of Vietnam’s colonial rule. Vietnam is 7-hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Vietnam’s currency is Dong, and you can find ATMs all across the country. You will need to obtain a medical certificate after a through medical check up before you visit Vietnam. Also, don’t forget to take insurance, which is an urgent need. These two things, medical certificate about your health condition and insurance are mandatory.

Keep in mind that you need to undergo a routine vaccination, as well as boosters, if required, and it should be up-to-date for sure. It totally depends on the country you are from because some countries are there that don’t need to have them. It would be better if you can consult with your travel agency. They will surely help you out in this regards. If you can make these things possible, then you are sure to enjoy the Vietnam to its fullest.

Finishing Lines

A vacation or holiday trip is meant to be a time period when you can take the edge off. You can unwind with your family or friends and get lost in depths of fun as well as adventure. Here, comes to the role of a travel company that helps travellers enjoy their holidays. We meant to say that Vivu travel is one of the leading and most trusted travel operators that offer you the perfect fantasy of your vacation in full reality. If you want to get in touch with this excellent travel company to make your Vietnam travel enjoyable and memorable, visit Vivu Travel’s website today!


Best Package for Vietnam Family Holidays at an Unbelievable Price


After so many months of lockdown and not getting any chance of going on a vacation, it will be a great thought to plan for a Vietnam family holidays. There are numerous benefits of visiting Vietnam with family, for example, the attractive cuisine, rich culture, friendly people, amazing scenery, pristine beaches, and vibrant life in big cities while the countryside is peaceful and authentic to experience.

Vietnam Family Holidays

Vietnam family holidays are exciting with countless options to move such as aircraft, trains, buses, motorbikes. With the success in the fight against the covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam has been enormously praised by the global media.

Vietnam is an Ideal Family Holiday Destination Post Covid-19

The entire world is praising Vietnam for its brilliant epidemic management strategies and how well it has managed the spread of virus in the country.

What are the places you should you visit when in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country of diverse travel options. If you are planning a Vietnam family holidays, you can visit beautiful caves, breathtaking forests, gloriously undiscovered beaches, extremely colorful and bustling cities or the magical vastness of the Mekong River.

As there is so much to see around the country, the best way to experience a Vietnam family holidays is to spend time in many different locations. Vivutravel offers tourists a wide range of options and cater for unique and individual itineraries.

Vietnam Family Holidays

For example you could experience the diversity of the North and South of the country, a great way to absorb the different cultures and scenery that each destination offers. Holidays should be relaxing and travelling to a new country can be stressful. We at vivutravel can advice you the best place to visit and even ensure all the bookings are taken care of and ensure you visit when the areas are quiet.

Which is the ideal time of the year to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country with 2000 miles of coastline and three different weather systems! It can be difficult to pick a good time of year to visit as the climate varies greatly from North to South. If you choose to plan your Vietnam family holidays in Christmas and New Year it could be wet and cold in the North yet balmy and hot in the South.

North Vietnam has a distinct winter and summer and the temperatures reflect this. November to April will be cool and dry, with January to March being the colder months. May to October will be hot and humid and be prepared for increased rainfall too.

Central Vietnam has extremes of heat and rain. January to August will be very hot, with the highest rainfall throughout September – November.

South Vietnam has a less obvious temperature change. November to April will generally be hotter and dry with May & October seeing humid and wet weather.

Be prepared for all extremes of weather and just be aware of the changes depending on what part of the country are are in.

How do you choose a Vietnam tour package?

We at Vivutravel will help you in offering ideal itineraries to a wide range of locations throughout Vietnam. We are here to guide you, assist with your bookings and ensure you have the best Vietnam family holidays within our beautiful country. We are proud to show off our country to tourists and cannot wait to welcome people back.

Vietnam Family Holidays

How do you book your Vietnam tour package?

We are a professional and a leading tour operator. All you have to do is visit our website and complete the initial enquiry form and one of our expert travel consultants will be in touch to discuss your much awaited Vietnam family holidays. What are you waiting for – Contact us today!


Book Your Vietnam Tour Packages at Affordable Price. There was a time when anyone mentioned Vietnam the first thought was war. It was a terrible time when the Viet Cong fought to unify the Country, North and South, with American forces determined to prevent the takeover of South Vietnam by communists. The Americans failed and the result over recent decades has been the increasing attractiveness of Vietnam, its stunning environment, history and culture, friendly people and great cuisine. Rarely has there been a better outcome following a brutal war, especially one that was supposedly being fought over freedom.

Vietnam holidays have been facilitated by the ease of access to the Country, especially by air into Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City though overland routes are good as well. The Internet has been a great tool for companies offering Vietnam holiday packages with several different alternatives both in duration and content. Cities are important to some travellers, especially those interested in history and culture but the natural beauty of the Country cannot be ignored. Ha Long Bay with its host of islands lies due east from the Capital, Hanoi, and has now become a UNESCO World Heritage site, but right down the length of Vietnam’s extensive coastline there are things to see and do. There is no point in coming for Vietnam holidays and then rushing away too soon. When you begin to think about a holiday in Vietnam, you should look at these highlights and decide whether you can afford to miss any of them: • Hanoi • The Sa Pa Terraces • Halong Bay • The Coastal Resorts • Cu Chi Tunnels • Ho Chi Minh City • The Mekong Delta

Hanoi Vietnam’s Capital is a delight. It has had a rich history which includes the obvious influence that the former colonial masters, France, had on the place. It is naturally beautiful with several lakes; the French added wide avenues with trees to add to the city’s natural beauty while just outside the city boundaries rural life and local farmers provide tourists with a real insight into how the ordinary Vietnamese who choose the countryside for their home live their daily lives. The Chinese have also made an impact, especially in the northern parts of Vietnam. The most famous of Hanoi’s lakes, HuanKiem, meaning ‘’returned sword’ gets its name from the legend of King Le Loi receiving a sword from the gods to defend his country from the Chinese. Once he had done that he returned the sword to the Lake. Hanoi has many historical and cultural attractions as well; there are few better starting points to Vietnam holidays than Hanoi.

The Sa Pa Terraces Heading north-west from Hanoi up into the highlands near the Chinese border tourists will encounter the Sa Pa terraces where local farmers grow rice and vegetables. The terraces themselves are beneath the Fanispan Mountain in Muong Valley. It is a fairly poor region of Vietnam and provides a further insight to life as it has been led for generations. Those with time may well like to spend some of it walking on some of the many trails in the immediate vicinity.

Halong Bay No one should head south towards the center of the Country before they have experienced Halong Bay. As already mentioned it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and it has 100 km of coastline itself. Tiny fishing villages throughout the area exist alongside those now employed in the tourist industry. A cruise is a must on all Vietnam holidays.

The Coastal Resorts The beaches of Vietnam are wonderful. They are spread along the country’s coastline with the most southerly actually on an island offshore from Cambodia. Although Phu Quoc is becoming increasing popular one of its charms is that it remains fairly undeveloped. In contrast one of the resorts that has grown to the size of a city having just been a fishing village is Nha Trang and likewise Mui Ne deserves serious consideration.

Cu Chi Tunnels These tunnels are a stark reminder of the War. They were built by the Viet Cong deep in the South to provide shelter and the means of moving around under cover. The original tunnels are narrow, indicative of the relative size of the Vietnamese. Some areas have been lit and enlarges for those who really want an idea of what the experience was like living underground. The Americans knew of their existence and were regularly trying to destroy them but they had limited success. Even if you do not want to go underground if you are on a holiday to Vietnam, you must visit these tunnels.

Ho Chi Minh City Formerly Saigon and the Capital of South Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is comfortably the largest city in the now unified Country. Once again the influence of the French and more recently the Americans is clearly evident. Vietnam holidays inevitably include this city and rightly so. It is a mixture of skyscrapers and traditional architecture. There are plenty of pagodas, a bustling Chinatown as well as modern shopping precincts.

The Mekong Delta The significance of the River and Delta cannot be under-estimated. This is the most fertile region of Vietnam and cruising around to experience the environment must be part of any Vietnam holiday packages. In the monsoon season there is the chance of flooding but that should not deter visitors from taking a holiday in Vietnam at that time because monsoon does not mean constant heavy rain every day; there may just by a short afternoon shower.

Summary The popularity of Vietnam holidays seems to be here to stay. The positive memories that people take with them when they leave for home have only increased the desire amongst others to see this wonderful exotic country. There is plenty of advice available and good tour companies are likely to be able to design a tour to exactly meet their clients’ needs. These are just a few of the highlights; there are certainly more and the cuisine alone could cover pages. Everyone can do their own research and advice is readily available for those wanting to know more. Questions anyone?

To start your Vietnam holidays, please feel free to submit your tour inquiry and Vivu travel will help you apply Vietnam visa and plan a great Vietnam holiday packages.

Introducing Vietnam: Vietnam Travel Guide for First-Time Traveler

You may be a lover of nature or an enthusiast in architecture, there is always a reason for you to come to Vietnam. There is always a reason to love this country. Yes, of course you should visit Vietnam. You should read this article and know few important things, better to say the Vietnam travel guide that would be your great help you know about Vietnam. It can prove a hand tip before you travel to Vietnam. Let’s explore!

Best Time to Visit in Vietnam: The best time to visit in Vietnam’s northern region is between March and May and from September to November. In this time, you will be spared the full brunt of summer heat and the cloud winter downpours. March and May is the spring season in Vietnam and the countryside around Hanoi is in full bloom.

Rules & Regulations to Visit in Vietnam: If you are planning to visit Vietnam with family or friends, then you must go through the custom regulations. You should bear in mind the following things. • Carrying more than the specified duty free allowances • Getting bag and baggage not accompanying them as they travel • You should not take any addictive medication • You should not be allowed to carry in excess of 300 GRS of gold • You shouldn’t be allowed to carry more than $7000 or equivalent

There are also other rules and regulations applicable for Vietnam travel, there you need to go through the Vietnam travel guide with your travel outfitter. They will help you out and inform you what to carry and what not.

Language in Vietnam: You may be interested to know about the language in Vietnam. Aren’t you? Vietnamese is the local language of Vietnam but you can expect a good tour guide, who speaks English, Chinese, French, Japanese and Russian. Better if you can talk to Vivu Travel one of the most trusted travel agency offers lucrative travel packages to Vietnam.

Currency in Vietnam: The Dong (VND) is the national currency of Vietnam. It comes in note denominations from 500 to 500,000. Though, you can get traveler’s cheques as well. This type of cheque is available with a value of 500,000 and 1,000,000. There are also currency exchanges with the rate sometimes better than you change the notes of high denomination. Yes, you can use credit card but that is commonly used in tourist areas. But there is likely to be a surcharge.

Visa Requirements: You should check visa requirements before setting foot. It would be better if you talk to your travel agency. They will assist you with this requirement. Though some nationalities don’t need visa, if you are from that country then you are waived off. It totally depends on your intention to stay for a period of time, and in that case, the period should be a short term only and should not be extended more than a month. You can get visa on arrival if you go by air and the cost of the visa depends on the number of days you stay there.

The Takeaway: Vietnam is simply beautiful country. It is almost has every kind of natural landscape, delicious food, rich culture and heritage, the beautiful beaches, iconic history and architecture, and friendly people. You will get to see almost all types of natural landscape all within one country, starting from the majestic mountains of the North to the magnificent caves in the Central, and to the peaceful villages in the Mekong Delta. It is a place for everyone.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, then this Vietnam travel guide will surely give you a valuable piece of information before you travel and talk to a travel agency. Get in touch with Vivu Travel one of the most trust travel agency offers attractive travel packages in Vietnam to travel with family, friends or if you like to customize it for your requirements.